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It was weird comedy ive never really seen an animation like it and maybe i should watch the previous versions to understand the humor more. Though it was refreshing i thought it was also a little dry. I also got confused at one point as both the male characters sound the same for a second i thought couch man(for the sake of distinguishing the two) was narrating the show and playing along then i realized they were extremely similar. Anyway that was my only real problem.

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LazyMuffin responds:

Yeah, the Announcer voice is sort of confusing in retrospect, I think you can tell I'm sort of tired when I recorded it. It's not an excuse though. Thanks.


Though the comedy was a little bland for me. the animation was truly superb and worthy of a 10 just from a technical aspect . also glad to see some new ways of animating here it really separates your work from the spam that gets submitted

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I really enjoyed this flash it was very well made.
Fluid animation Check!
Great lip sync Check!
Actually Funny Check!

the only thing i would suggest is to create some original material i know its supposed to be somewhat of a parody of all things internet and funny but it could use some originality.

Anyway guys great flash and i look forward to more from you.

Maybe even a series?

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Guy below me stated it perfectly also, this concept has been done a lot so nothing to original. If you're gonna make a clone at least make it amazing.


besides the fact that you plan on adding more power ups and music how about a high score system maybe like a leader board also backgrounds and different game modes.


was a really weird but different puzzler enjoyed the graphics could use some music and background tho

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Its so fucking amazing

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cheshyre responds:

and so are you! Thanks for the 10!!

cmonn dude you can do better

i know this must not have been serious but newgrounds doesnt need anymore shit flooding on the site

wow amazing

to me this is your best song no flaws at all i love this fucking song ^_^

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